Truck dumper is designed for unloading grain via back side from big platform and via lateral side from lateral platform. It is used at silos, granaries, ports, mills and bread-baking complex.


The main assembly units for truck dumper are: a big platform, a lateral platform, hydraulic system, passage grids, grid support, control system and elements for dumper’s mounting.
A big platform is a fabricated steel structure and is used for pass, setting of inclination and lowering of trucks being unloaded. One side of platform is hingedly connected with platform support fastened at foundation beams, other side and its middle side lean on foundation lugs. The platform rotates around its support by means of telescopic hydraulic jacks.
The platform consists of two semi-platforms with corrugated flooring. Wheel stops are mounted in the semi-platforms which are designed for keeping trucks when unloading. Moreover, two sets of adjustable chain slings are fitted on the platform to secure safety and keeping of trucks when unloading. The lateral platform is set over the unloading device and at the same time it is used as a passage grid for a truck discharged at the big platform and as a lateral dumper for trailers and single trucks.
Hydraulic system consists of a pump station, two telescopic hydraulic jacks, hydraulic lifting device, and lifting limiters for big and lateral platforms, hinges, two supports and piping system.


After a loaded truck enters the platform from the side of passage grid and fitting of its rear wheels to self positioning stops lifted to operation the driver leaves the truck and opens the back header. After switching on the control system, the pump supplies oil to the hydraulic jacks lifting the platform by a predetermined angle. When the jack pistons reach the extreme top position, transfer ports are opened to allow oil being pumped back into the tank. In this position of pistons oil circulates in the system. After receiving a command to lower from the remote control the electromagnet is switched off, the plunger valve is lowered by a spring and opens a channel for draining oil from the hydraulic jack to the tank. The platform is lowered to the lower position under the force of truck gravity.


Technical data


Maximal carrying capacity, t



including: for big platform, t



For lateral platform, t



Maximal angle of slope for platform, degrees



Initial extension for big platform, m



Initial extension for lateral platform, m


Weight, kg, not more
pdfTruck dumper URAG-55-55, L=21м pdfTruck dumper Foundation URAG-55-55, L=21м
pdfTruck dumper URAG-55-55У, L=25м pdfTruck dumper Foundation URAG-55-55У, L=25м


Truck dumper Model URAG-50 is produced in accordance with Technical Specifications and Rostechnadzor requirements (Federal Service for Environmental, Technological and Nuclear Supervision of Russia) as well as according to the international standards valid for this production. The factory produces and supplies spare parts and components for this truck dumper providing with warranty repairs.