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The main advantages of sweep augers manufactured by Sevkavelevatorspetsstroy Corporation, LLC, against the domestic and foreign analogues are the following:

  1. Availability of permit issued by the Federal Service for Ecological, Technological and Atomic Supervision, availability of conformity certificate GOST and hygienic certificate;

2. Reliability of construction. Use of reinforced beam along the total length of sweep auger allows excluding any bending of structure. Availability of two free-wheel units that prevent from back run of sweep auger and provide smooth and steady running of device. Use of slipring excludes wiring inside the silo.
3. Use of advanced materials and components during production. Gear-motors are made by Bauer, Germany. Bearings are made in Germany and Japan. Free-wheel units and sliprings are made in Germany.
4. High lifetime of products;
5. Low price against the foreign analogues;
6. No expenses for customs formalities and transportation from foreign countries.
Sweep auger is used at the grain-producing plants for unloading grain and products of its processing from steel silos with flat bottom.
Sweep auger consists of the following parts:
- auger formed by spiral surface of weldless steel belt welded to a tubular shaft;
- mechanism of auger circle movement;
- mechanism of auger rotation;
- protective shroud;
- casing.
Sweep auger is set in central part of a silo.
Sweep augers are involved in operation to unload grain remains after main discharge by means of hoppers in the silo bottom. Moving along the circle inside the silo an auger conveys grain to central hopper. Auger is rotated by motor gear.

Technical data


Auger length, mm 3000-15000
Drive power, kW 4,0-15
Productivity t / h 50-150
Auger screw diameter, mm 250
MTBF, h 9000
Average service life, years 20
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The manufacturer guarantees a normal steady operation of sweep augers and in accordance with their specifications and technical requirements in case the user observes the operation and storage instructions that are established by the technical conditions and data sheet for this product