The main advantages of auger-type dischargers manufactured by Sevkavelevatorspetsstroy Corporation, LLC, against the domestic and foreign analogues are the following:

1. Availability of permit issued by the Federal Service for Ecological, Technological and Atomic Supervision, availability of conformity certificate GOST and hygienic certificate.
2. Reliability of construction.
3. Use of advanced materials and components during production. Gear-motors are made by Bauer, Germany. Bearings are made in Germany and Japan.
4. High lifetime of products.
5. Low price against the foreign analogues.
6. No expenses for customs clearance formalities and transportation from abroad.


Auger-type discharger is used at the grain-producing plants for unloading hard-flowing products from hopper silos. It eliminates arch formation inside the silo and bridging of product.


The discharger is a steel structure composed by a working zone of augers and a general collection auger. The working zone consists of six augers of the right and left spiraling directly contacting with the product, and conveying it from the edges to the center to the collection auger.


The effect of agitating and mixing the product occurs due to the use of augers with different spiraling. The product is additionally mixed and agitated in the collection auger and then it is conveyed to the discharge sleeve.

 Specifications RSh-1 RSh-1A
Overall dimensions, LxWxH, mm 4006х3352х1000 4006х3352х1000 3160х2792х900 3160х2792х900
Drive power, kW 24,2 24.2 18,3 18.3
Productivity, t / h 50-100 50-100 10-60 10-60
MTBF, hr 9000 9000 9000 9000
Average service life, years 20 20 20 20


Auger-type discharger is manufactured in accordance with the Technical Specifications and Gosgortechnadzor Requirements, as well as in accordance with the international standards for this product. The plant manufactures and supplies spare parts and components for this discharger and provides warranty repairs.