Stancija natjazhnaja cepnogo transporteraStancija privodnaja cepnogo transportera

The main advantages of scraper conveyors manufactured by Sevkavelevatorspetsstroy Corporation, LLC, against the domestic and foreign analogues are the following:

  • Availability of permit issued by the Federal Service for Ecological, Technological and Atomic Supervision, availability of conformity certificate GOST and hygienic certificate
  • . Reliability of construction (operation in temperature range from -40 to +50°C). Conveyors are designed for continued operation under load without limitations in number of starts and shutoffs)
  • Use of advanced materials and components during production. Material for drive and tension sections is made of galvanized or painted steel and have reinforced side walls. Material for connecting section is galvanized or painted steel. Conical helical geared motor is made by Bauer (Germany) with hollow shaft and linking along the conveyor is without use of belt and chain gears. This type of gear-motor significantly saves space on bridges and takes precedence in 2-2,5 times by resource of operation over worm and helical geared motor, as well as excludes use of additional transmission gears (chain, belt and coupling transmission). The case of bearings with protective sealing is made in Germany. The head is lined by wear-resistant polymer sheets with thickness of 10mm. Pulling mechanism is a plate harden chain of carbon steel with breaking tension up to 48,000 kg. Every chain scraper is rubbed. Conveyor is equipped with brushes for cleaning the pulling mechanism, as well as with level sensor, speed sensor and chain breakage sensor.
  • High lifetime of products
  • Low price against the foreign analogues
  • No expenses for customs clearing formalities and transportation from foreign countries
pdfTable КС-200 pdfScraper conveyor КС-390 characteristics
pdfScraper conveyor КС-200А pdfScraper conveyor КС-400 dimensions
pdfScraper conveyor КС-300 pdfScraper conveyor КС-400 characteristics
pdfScraper conveyor КС-390 dimensions  


Scraper conveyors are designed for horizontal, flat and inclined, horizontal and inclined conveying of grain and products of its processing. The structure of conveyor allows fast starting and stopping at full loading, locating handling pipes almost in any point. It is automatically and remote controlled.


Conveyor consists of drive and tension stations, drive, loading and unloading spouts, chain traction mechanism with partially rubber-bonded scrapers tensioned between two sprockets in drive and tension stations; product level sensors, chain breakage control sensor and mounting metalware. Conveyor box consists of two types sections – connecting and unloading, compose a conveyor trough. Cross section of trough has a square shape. Connecting sections are mounted from bottom and are bolted to side walls. Bottom chain sector is operating but upper one is free-running. Bottom and upper guide rails support a scraper chain. The bottom guide rail is fixed by screws to the trough bottom and the upper guide rail is fixed on the side walls of casing. In case of more than one unloading spout conveyor could be equipped with electrical and manual gates.


Operation of conveyor is based on continuous pulling of product by trough by means of chain with scrapers. Thus thanks to the force of internal friction all layers of product are moved: part of product is directly captured by scrapers and chain and top layers of product are captured by whole cross section of trough.

Technical data

Technical data





Capacity, tons/hr (for density 0,75 t/m3)





Traction chain speed, m/sec.





Max. conveying length, m                  40                   50                   50                   50

Chain pitch, mm





Error-free running time, hr                9000                9000                 9000                9000
Average service lifetime, years                  20                   20                  20                  20

Angle of maximal raising, degrees






All types of scraper conveyors are produced in accordance with the Technical Specifications and Gosgortechnadzor Requirements, as well as in accordance with the international standards for this product. The plant manufactures and supplies spare parts and components for all types of scraper conveyors: tension and drive stations, connecting sections of any length, chain, sprockets, shafts and branch pipes.