Elevator buckets

Bucket is a main conveying part in different types of bucket elevators. It is designed for vertical conveying of grain and products of its conveying. Elevator buckets are manufactured of sheet steel with different thickness and are fastened by bolted connections on elevator belt.
Technical data pdfII-100 pdfII-400
Width, mm 280 280
Width, mm 160 190
Height, mm 90 130
Capacity, l 3,0 4,16
Bucket weight, kg 0,9 1,3
tsep transp

Conveyor leaf chain

Chain is used in chain conveyors type KS. It is a main traction mechanism for chain conveyor. Chain consists of inner and outer plates connected between each other by pins. In chain of conveyor type KS-400 scrapers are welded to outer connection chain plate and in other chains scrapers are connected with links by pins. To diminish constant of chain friction and conveyor’s casing as well as to decrease noise level a food rubber is fastened to each third scraper.
Technical data pdfКС-200 pdfКС-300 КС-390 pdfКС-390 pdfКС-400
Scraper pitch, mm 100 100 100 150 200
Width for chain with scrapers, mm 230 280 380 380 480
Plate width, mm 30 43 43 43 103
Weight for 1 running meter of chain, kg 11,8 17,6 15,2 9,7 14
mufta 1

Flexible couplings with rubber-bushed studs

Flexible couplings with rubber-bushed studs for general purpose are used for connection of coaxial shafts in case of torque transmission from 6,3 to 16000 Nm and to decrease dynamic loads. They are used on bucket elevators, chain conveyors, belt conveyors and augers.
Couplings are produced of two types: one with cylindrical bore and another with conical bore. Half-couplings of each type are made of two types: one for long shaft ends and another for short shaft ends. Couplings are produced for shafts with diameter from 9 to 160 mm.

Spirally wound pipe

Spirally wound pipe is used at the different facilities. It can be used as a part of aspiration networks, as air ducts, as part of heating networks for heat rejection or supply, smoke and steam exhaust. The manufacturer produces spirally wound pipes of various diameters and lengths, as well as of galvanized and black steel with different thicknesses.