golovka II-175 50bashmak II-175 50

The main advantages of bucket elevators manufactured   by Sevkavelevatorspetsstroy Corporation, LLC, against the domestic and   foreign analogues are the following:

1.   Availability of permit issued by the Federal Service for Ecological,   Technological and Atomic Supervision, availability of conformity certificate   GOST and hygienic certificate;

2.   Reliability of construction (operation in temperature range from -40 to +50°   C). Bucket elevators are designed for continued operation under load without   limitations in number of starts and shutoffs);

3. Use of   advanced materials and components during production. Material for head and   boot is galvanized or painted steel and reinforced side walls. Material for   elevator pipe is galvanized or painted steel. Conical helical geared motor is   supplied by Bauer (Germany) with hollow shaft and linking along the elevator   head without use of belt and chain gears. This type of gear-motor significantly   saves space on bridges and takes precedence in 2-2,5 times by resource of   operation over worm and helical geared motor, as well as excludes use of   additional transmission gears (chain, belt and coupling transmission). The   case of bearings with protective sealing is made in Germany. The head is   lined by wear-resistant polymer sheets with thickness of 10mm. Antistatic   elevator belt for 8 spacer plates. Drive drum is a squirrel wheel. Buckets   are of steel and seamless. Composition: level sensors, belt alignment device,   back run stopper, explosion relief valve on elevator head.

4. High   lifetime of products;

5. Low price   against the foreign analogues (up to 40%);

6. No   expenses for customs formalities and transportation from foreign countries.

Technical data DIMENSIONS
pdfBucket elevator I-2х10 pdfBucket elevator I-2х10
pdfBucket elevator I-2х20 pdfBucket elevator I-2х20
pdfBucket elevator I-10 pdfBucket elevator I-10
pdfBucket elevator I-20 pdfBucket elevator I-20
pdfBucket elevator II-50 pdfBucket elevator II-50
pdfBucket elevator II-100 pdfBucket elevator II-100
pdfBucket elevator II-175 pdfBucket elevator II-175
II-175 оц 2 привода
pdfBucket elevator II-400 pdfBucket elevator II-400


Bucket elevator is designed to operate as a part of   process flow diagram with continuous operating mode inside as well as   outside. They are used for vertical conveying of grain, products of its   processing (flour, groats, bran) and other bulk materials to silos,   granaries, ports, mills and bakeries.


In a bucket elevator between two pulleys – upper   drive pulley and bottom movable pulley – a chain with buckets is tensioned.   The chain is used as a main traction mechanism. Upper pulley is located in an   elevator head and bottom pulley – in an elevator boot. Both chain sectors are   located in elevator pipes, which together with elevator boot and head compose   a casing for an elevator. Elevator pipes are connected by bolts.

Elevator   spouts are provided in elevator boot and head to load and unload with   product. A screw tension device is set on a boot pulley shaft. Elevator drive   consists of an electrical motor and a standard gearbox. A drag brake is   mounted on elevator head to prevent from backward belt running. The pipes are   produced with the standard length of 2 m.  


Product   is passed through an intake tip to an elevator boot by conveyor, discharger   or gravity spout. There are drive and tension drums in the elevator boot and   head. A belt with fixed buckets is tensioned on these drums. The product is   conveyed by hoppers by ladling from the boot bottom or filling the product   directly into the bucket. It is discharged from the top side (head) of the   elevator through discharge sleeve. Thanks to its construction bucket elevators   are divided into single-trunk and double, by type of discharge into   centrifugal Type II (2.2 – 3.6 m/ sec) and gravity-centrifugal Type I   (1.1-1.8 m/sec).  

Technical data

I-10 I-2х10 I-20 I-2х20 II-50 II-100 II-175 II-175А II-400
Capacity, tons/hr (for density 0,75 t/m3) 10 10+10 20 20+20 50 100 175 200 400
Belt speed, m/sec. 1,4 1,4 1,6 1,8 2,2 2,4 2,4 3,8 3,8
Belt width, mm 150 2х150 175 2х175 200 300 300 300 650
Bucket pitch, mm 260 260 260 260 160 180 - 166 166
Bucket capacity, l 1,34 1,34 1,5 1,5 1,7 3,0 - 4,16 4,16

Installed capacity, kW



All   types of bucket elevators are produced in accordance with Technical   Conditions and Gostechnadzor requirements and in accordance with   international standards valid for these products. The factory manufactures   and supplies spare parts and components for all types of bucket elevators:   boots, heads, bearing casings, drums, shafts, pipes, buckets and belt.