Truck dumpers AVS-50
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Truck dumpers AVS-50

It is designed for unloading grain via lateral side of trucks, truck tractors and road- trains without trailer uncoupling.
Maximum lifting capacity, t
Platform length, m
Specifications Description Benefits Warranty Device Principle of operation
Technical data
Maximal carrying capacity, t
Platform length, m
Maximal angle of slope for platform, degrees
Weight, kg
Error-free running time, hr
Average lifetime, years
AVS-50-16 AVS-50-18 AVS-50-20 AVS-50-100
50 60 70 100
16 18 20 24
38 38 38 38
8000 9200 12500 15000
9000 9000 9000 9000
20 20 20 20

Truck dumper is designed for unloading grain via lateral side of trucks, truck tractors and road- trains without trailer uncoupling. It is used at silos, granaries, ports, mills and baking complex.

The main advantages of truck dumper produced by SKESS Corporation, LLC, in compare with the analogues produced by foreign manufacturers are the following:

  • Availability of permit issued by the Federal Service for Ecological, Technological and Atomic Supervision, availability of conformity certificate GOST and hygienic certificate;
  • Reliability of construction. Reinforce frame structure of platform (longitudinal beams 25B1, cross beams of 24 beam channels, additional reinforcement by sheet with thickness of 5 mm between the beams, overall flooring of corrugated steel with thickness not less of 5 mm);
  • Application of advanced materials and components in production.
  • Application of advanced materials and components in production: control console, safety devices, parallel-shaft gear-motor (Bauer, Germany) with built-in brake and bearings (Japan and Germany). Frame structure is reinforced. Platform structure is dismountable on high strength bolts (for easy transportation and installation).
  • High lifetime of products. Platform structures are processed by shot blasting machine and are coated by one layer of base coat and two layers of painting. Drive sprockets are made of hardened steel. The platform is set on hinged bearings.
  • Low price against the foreign analogues.
  • No charges on customs clearing formalities or transportation from abroad.

Truck dumper Model AVS-50M is produced in accordance with Technical Specifications and Rostechnadzor requirements (Federal Service for Environmental, Technological and Nuclear Supervision of Russia) as well as according to the international standards valid for this production. The factory produces and supplies spare parts and components for this truck dumper providing with warranty repairs.

Support left and right frames are welded of flange beams and a channel. Frames are bolted to the foundation. Bearings of platform slope axes, bearings of platform lifting mechanism and drive frame are set on the frames. Truck dumper platform is welded, of flange beams. Platform has a solid floor of corrugated sheet steel with thickness of 5 mm. Platform is set on support frames and from grain unloading side it has three hinted bearings and from another side it is connected to crank mechanism of platform lifting.

The operation concept is based on a slope of truck dumper in cross direction to an angle greater than the angle of repose of grain.

When starting the motor torque is transmitted to the gearbox shaft, the output shaft of which is connected with high-speed shaft of other gear by means of sleeve-finger coupling. Its low-speed shafts transmit a torque to two shafts of hoisting platform. Each shaft is rigidly connected to the crank mechanism of lifting platform. By turning the crank to 180 degrees the platform is lifted by the greatest angle. The platform is lowered by turning the crank in the initial position.

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