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It is designed for preliminary grain cleaning from course impurities, straws and soil lumps.
Productivity, t/h
100 - 175
Specifications Description Warranty Device Principle of operation
Technical data
Capacity, t/hr
for density 0,75 t/m3
Grid cylinder length, mm
Grid cylinder diameter, mm
Grid cylinder rotational speed, rpm
Electric motor capacity, kW
Max. Weight, kg
SK - 57 SK-57/1
100 175
1075 1570
946 946
19 50
0.75 2.5
420 790

Drum scalperator is designed for preliminary grain cleaning from course impurities, straws and soil lumps. It is used as a part of production line of silos, mills, groats mill and oil mills. It is usually mounted during the first stage of cleaning before basic process of separation.

Scalperator is produced in accordance with Technical Regulations and Rostechnadzor requirements (Federal Service for Environmental, Technological and Nuclear Supervision of Russia) as well as according to international standards valid for this production. The factory produces and supplies spare parts and components for this equipment providing with warranty repair and service maintenance.

Scalperator consists of casing inside which a sieve cylinder is fastened on a shaft with a blade of screw shape for conveying coarse admixture. Cylinder is rotated by means of motor-reducer. In upper side of the scalperators an inlet nipple is located and in bottom side – outlet nipple for grain and outlet nipple for coarse admixture. The scalperator can be furnished with additional sieves for cleaning such crops as sunflower, millet, buckwheat, maize in crop and etc.

Raw material mix is passed by a gravity spout through the intake branch pipes into the intake section of sieve cylinder, passing free through the holes of cylinder that are greater than grain size, purified grain is cleared from the device by exhaust pipe. Gross and big impurities are slow conveyed over screw-shaped apron to the exhaust pipe for impurities.

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